If vRealize Automation is deployed on a development or test environment then IaaS VMs can be deployed using valid windows ISO image. For ISO based deployments, LCM does not deploy IaaS database machine. LCM UI will not restrict but the submitted request will always discard the deployment of DB.

Requirements for Installation

  • For an IaaS VM deployment with ISO Images from vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, vCenter version should be 6.5 or later.

  • The vCenter Server where IaaS VMs are deployed, should be registered with vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, and the user credential used for the registration should have administrative capability for vCenter content libraries.

  • VMware Tools ISO should be available in each of the ESXi (at the location /vmimages /tools- isoimages) which belongs to the cluster where IaaS VMs are to be deployed.

  • The network configurations, including load-balancers should be in place in vCenter Server for consumption of the deployed VMs. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager cannot perform any network configuration in vCenter Server for an IaaS VM deployment.

Points to Remember

  • IaaS deployment from LCM (using ISO) uploads the ISO to a vCenter content library named - LCM-LOCAL-ISO-LIB. This content library is created automatically by vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.

  • Once VALIDATE & DEPLOY is clicked in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager UI, the ISO images selected for the IaaS installation are uploaded to the content library mentioned . The uploaded ISO image name is same as that found in the entry under the column ISO Binary in the table ISO Binaries under Product Binaries. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager uploads ISO binary by this name in the vCenter content library mentioned earlier. If for a given ISO, an entry with the same name exists, then the upload task is ignored.

  • The templates and ISO images used for an IaaS deployment, should be valid and working. Also, the Windows license keys used for ISO mapping, vCenter Customization Specification and other relevant places should be valid. Corrupt or wrong template or ISO leads to failure for the overall IaaS deployment task in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.

  • IaaS installation from vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager using ISO supports a default locale as per the ISO image. User-specific input is not supported.