To create an environment you can use the existing certificate.


Verify that the imported or created certificate has all the IP addresses and domain or host names added.


  1. Under the Certificate Details, toggle to provide Product Specific Certificate.

    When you disable the Product-Specific Certificate, you can specify the certificates at the environment level. When you toggle the option, the product certificate is then visible under the Product Properties for the product instance.

  2. Select the Certificate from the drop-down menu.
  3. To create a certificate, click the plus sign.

    In the Add Certificate window, enter the required details.



    Certificate Name

    Enter a valid certificate name.

    Common Name

    To identify the certificate, enter a common name.


    Enter the Organization name.

    Organizational Unit

    Enter the Organization Unit.

    Country Code

    Enter a country code which must be in two characters only.


    Enter your locality.


    Enter the State.

    Key Length

    Select the length of the key. You can select 2048 or 4096 bits.

    Domain Name

    Enter a valid domain name.

    IP Address

    Enter the IP address in which you are assigning the certificate.

  4. Click Generate.
  5. To import an existing certificate, select Import Certificate option.



    Certificate Name

    Enter a valid certificate name.

    Select File

    1. Click Choose File.

    2. Browse to the saved PEM file.


    Enter the Passphrase field, type <Cert- Password>.

    Enter Private Key

    When you upload a PEM file, the private key details are populated automatically.

    Enter Certificate Chain

    When you upload a PEM file, the certificate details are populated automatically.

  6. Click Import.
  7. Click Next.