You can change the default administrator password and set passwords for root, and SSH users.


  1. Click Settings and click the System Settings tab.
  2. Type new passwords for root, administrator, and SSH users.

    vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager enforces the following password requirements:

    • Between 8 and 16 characters long

    • At least one uppercase character

    • At least one lowercase character

    • At least one numerical digit

    • At least one special character limited to !@#$%^&*"

  3. Click SAVE.

    You can update passwords for the products installed in an environment. The new policy is applicable not only for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, but for passwords of the deployed products.

What to do next

If you changed the administrator password, vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager logs you out and displays the log in page. Log in with the new administrator password to continue using vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.