You can add components to your product to configure a multi node setup to form a cluster.


Verify that there is a node available and is configured.


  1. On the environment card, select a product, click the vertical ellipses, and select Add Component.

    For an imported environment, manually enter the fields for the selected product.

  2. Under the Infra details, select the required vCenter Server, Cluster, Network, Datastore, and Disk Format from the drop-down menus.
  3. Select the Applicable Time Sync mode and click Next.
  4. Under the Network details, if the environment is a newly created, then the fields are auto-populated. If the environment is imported, you have to manually enter the fields.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the Applicable Time Sync Mode and under the components section, select the node.

    The Advanced settings provides more information on configuring the selected node in a cluster. For an imported environment in 2.0 where a product needs to be scaled out, ensure that the provided certificate is master-node certificate, as the pre-check matches for the master node certificate. For environments from older vRSLCM versions, you can add the older certificate during a scale out by clicking Add button. This populates the older certificate data from the environment's Infrastructure properties.

  7. Under Component > Product properties, select the required fields.

    The fields in this section varies for different products.

    Product Name


    vRealize Automation

    • vra-server-secondary

    • iaas-web

    • iaas-manager-passive

    • iaas-dem-orchestrator

    • iaas-dem-worker

    • proxy-agent-vsphere

    vRealize Operations Manager

    • Data

    • Remote Collector

    vRealize Business for Cloud


    vRealize Log Insight


    vRealize Network Insight

    • vRNI-Platform

    • vRNI-Collector

  8. Enter the required fields and click Next, and run Precheck.
  9. Read the summary and click Submit.