You can configure your system before you install an vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager appliance.


  1. Click Settings and navigate to System Administration > System Details.
  2. To restart the server, add an NTP server, click Add .
    1. Enter a valid Name and FQDN/ IP Address of the NTP server.
    Note: You cannot edit the FQDN/ IP Address, you can only edit the name of the NTP server.
  3. To extend the disk space for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, click Extend Storage.
    1. Enter the vCenter Host Name, User Name, and Password for the first time.
  4. To use the Content Lifecycle Management, enable the toggle feature.
  5. Under the Common Settings of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager section, enter the SSH passwords for root and administrator.
    vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager enforces the following password requirements:
    • Between 8 and 16 characters long
    • At least one uppercase character
    • At least one lowercase character
    • At least one numerical digit
    • At least one special character limited to !@#$%^&*"
    You can update passwords for the products installed in an environment. The new policy is applicable not only for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, but for passwords of the deployed products.
  6. To set a time interval for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to collect data, enter the Configuration Drift Interval.
    Note: Drift reports are available for export only after the first report is generated after 24 hours from saving baseline.
  7. To restart the server, click Restart Server.
    1. To schedule a weekly server restart, toggle the Schedule a restart and select the day of the week, and time for the weekly restart.
  8. Click Save.