You can create this directory type when you plan to connect to a single Active Directory domain environment. For the Active Directory over a LDAP directory type, the connector binds to the Active Directory using a simple bind authentication.


Verify that you have the required user credentials to add a directory.


  1. Click Add Active Directory.
  2. Enter the Active Directory Domain Name, Base DN, Bind DN username, and password as provided in the identity manager directory.
  3. Enter the User DNs and Group DNs which is appended to the existing User and Group DNs.
  4. Select the Sync Nested Group Members option and enter the Suite Administrators.
    Suite administrators is a user name in the Active Directory who acts as an Admin user for the deployed suite products, Logs, and AD table.
  5. Click Submit.
    Note: If integrating with an existing VMware Identity Manager instance that already has an Active Directory configuration, the "Active Directory Name" field when adding to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager must exactly match the existing directory name in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. Otherwise, the operation fails with an error LCMVIDM70015: AD with same domain is already configured in vIDM.
    Note: The user attributes are selected by default in vIDM. The user attributes are User Name, Email, First Name, and Last Name. To edit the attributes in vIDM, see KB article 55737.