To deploy IaaS VM using templates, you need to ensure certain pre-requisites are met. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager uses existing VM templates and customization spec for IaaS deployment.

Things to remember

  • Templates should be local to vCenter Server where the IaaS VMs are installed. Templates present in the content library are not considered for an IaaS installation. Only the templates that are present in the vCenter inventory are considered by vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.
  • The template should have all the necessary configurations that include policies, firewall settings and so on. Also, the process does not configure policies, firewall rules, Antivirus, or any other software pre bundled in the VM template or ISO. As a workaround, configure the appropriate services in the template to have them functional after first boot of the deployed VMs. Once the VALIDATE & DEPLOY reports run, you can access the console of the deployed VM and configure the required policies in the respective VM as per requirement.

  • The template should have VMware tools installed and the version should not be less than that present in the ESXi hosts present in the vCenter clusters considered for an IaaS installation.

  • For a template used for a deployment of IaaS database VM, appropriate version the database software should installed and respective services should be enabled.

  • User can select an existing Customization Specification present in the vCenter for an IaaS deployment. The custom-spec should be provided with correct details with valid settings for the selected network and domain. For example, if an IaaS VM is expected to obtain static IP residing on a vLAN with ID 'X' then the custom specification must have the gateway, subnet mask and DNS servers for 'X' in the custom-spec.

Note: If the database is installed with a custom port, then the template for the DB should have the port and corresponding instance configured before an IaaS installation. Alternate way is to deploy the database VM using template and configure the port, and instance before submitting the vRA deployment request from LCM.