Using ISO image you need to map or register the ISO image to deploy any VM from vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.


ISO image should be imported in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager appliance under a sub-directory of /data. If the storage space is low, then extend the storage from the Settings page.


  1. Navigate to Home > Settings Product Binaries.
  2. Click ADD BINARIES button and select Windows ISO from the Add Product Binaries dialogue box.
  3. Provide the absolute path for the ISO image location against the field Base Location and click DISCOVER.
  4. Under the Windows ISO Mapping Details section, select the ISO image name that are pre-populated after a successful discovery from base location.
    Note: Only a single ISO image can be selected at a time for mapping and one image cannot be mapped more than once, even if the subsequent details provided are different per attempt.
  5. Select the OS version from the pre-populated list.
  6. Enter a valid license key. Enter a valid password for the Administrator login to the VMS deployed using this ISO.
  7. The image name is auto-populated and cannot be edited. Only the image names which are applicable for a vRealize Automation installation are available.
    The image name is generated as per the article.
  8. Click SUBMIT to initiate the mapping process.