Once VMware Identity Manager is clustered through , a scheduled health check is registered. This scheduled check runs every hour and might pop-up a notification on the overall postgres cluster health status.

There are various checks that are important from a postgres cluster perspective that requires attention:
  1. vIDM nodes reachability from vRSLCM.
  2. DelegateIP assignment to any of the cluster nodes.
  3. Postgres primary node existence.
  4. Postgres nodes having replication delay.
  5. Postgres nodes being marked as down in the cluster.
  6. Pgpool master node existence.
  7. Pgpool running on all nodes.

All the above checks are captured and appropriate description messages are displayed in the notification that pops-ups with a message like vIDM postgres cluster health status is critical. For more information on the steps, see the KB article 75080.

If all the checks are validated, vRSLCM gives a notification with a message as vIDM postgres cluster health status is ok that provides a healthy cluster status.