As a VMware vRealize® Suite Lifecycle Manager™ user or customer, you can perform vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager functions programmatically by using REST API service calls. The API follows the REST style and is available to all licensed users.

About the Content Management API Reference

The Content Management APIs are installed with vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. The API reference is available at the following URL.

$vRLCM denotes an instance of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.

How Developers Use the Content Management APIs

To make API service calls, you use a browser application or an HTTP client application to send requests and review responses. The following open-source applications are commonly used:

To learn how to use the Content Management APIs, you can start by performing the steps outlined in the following use case:

The use case includes curl commands in request examples. To use the commands, ensure that the jq command-line JSON processor is installed with curl. The jq parser ensures that responses are formatted for optimum readability.