This section provides a list of ports used by vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager for product and integration communication.

Table 1. Required Upstream Ports and Endpoint Services
Service TCP Port URL
My VMware 443
Solutions Exchange 443
Updates 443
Compatibility 443
Patch and policy refresh repository 443
My VMware API Host Names Market Place API Host Names Market Place API Host URLs (*
Table 2. Requires Ports for Product and Integration Communications
Product or Integration TCP Port Number
vRealize Automation Appliance 5480, 443, 22
vRealize Automation IaaS Server Nodes 443
vRealize Automation Proxy 443
vRealize Business for Cloud Server/Collector Appliances 5480, 443, 22
vRealize Operations Manager Analytics Cluster Appliances 443, 22
vRealize Operations Manager Remote Collector Appliances 443, 22
vRealize Log Insight Appliances 443, 9543, 16520, 22
vRealize Network Insight 443, 22
Identity Manager Appliances 8443, 443,

9999, 9898, 9000, 9694 (Use these for a cluster)

vRealize Orchestrator Appliances
  • 8281 - vRealize Orchestrator 7.x version only.
  • 443 - Starting with vRealize Orchestrator 8.x.
vCenter Server Instances 443
ESXi Host Instances 443
Content Management Host (GitLab) 443
Note: For vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.x and later, ICMP protocol must be enabled between vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager and products that are being managed.
Note: For more information on ports, see vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.x Security Hardening Guide and VMware Ports and Protocol tool.