This topic describes how to re-size the hardware required for VMware Identity Manager when it is deployed through vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.


  1. On the Global Environment VMware Identity Manager, click the ellipses and click Cluster Health.
    After the cluster health collection is complete, the health status is displayed in the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager under the notification lists on the top right of the UI.
    Note: If the status is red, to remediate click Power ON or see the KB article 75080.
  2. To shut down the nodes with the VMware Identity Manager instance, click Power Off.
  3. In the vCenter Server, navigate to Edit settings of VMware Identity Manager appliances and increase the resources like CPU, RAM, and Storage as recommended.
  4. To power on the VMware Identity Manager, click Power On.


For more information on hardware requirements for VMware Identity Manager when integrated with vRealize Automation, see the hardware requirements in the vRealize Automation 8.1 Reference Architecture. To know more about the hardware requirements depending on the number of users in the directory, see System and Network Configurations Requirements.