Before you create an environment in the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, you must install VMware Identity Manager to create a global environment.

If you do not have an VMware Identity Manager instance, then you are automatically directed to install on the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager UI.


  1. Navigate to My Services dashboard, and click Lifecycle Operations.
  2. Click Create Environment, and enter the environment details.
    1. The environment name remains as global environment by default.
    2. Add the Password details.
      Note: If there is no password listed, then navigate to Locker to add a password.
    3. Select the Datacenter name and click Next.
  3. Click Next and select the New Install option to install VMware Identity Manager.
  4. Select the required supported version for VMware Identity Manager and click Next.


For more information on configuring VMware Identity Manager, see sections under Install vRealize Suite Products.