With 8.1 patch, you can now download and map the OVA bundle that are available for a product that is already patched. This operation is useful when you want to scale out a patched environment.


Ensure the OVA bundle corresponding to the patched product is downloaded from My VMware Portal to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager appliance and is placed in the data folder. For example: /data/patchovabundles/. For more information on downloading the OVA bundles, click My VMware portal. You can also see the detailed procedure at KB 79105.


  1. Click Lifecycle Operations and navigate to Settings > Binary Mappings.
  2. Click Patched Product Binaries.
  3. To download patches, click the link provided on the UI.
    You are directed to My VMware page where you can download the required patch or a OVA bundle.
    1. Enter the Source Location and click Discover.
      Source location is the directory path in the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager appliance where the OVA bundle files are retrieved.
    2. Select the required OVA bundle from the list and click ADD.
  5. To delete a product patch, click the Delete icon on the selected patch.