Pipeline stubs can be executed in a synchronous or an asynchronous manner. When running a stub in an asynchronous manner other pipeline stages are executed without waiting for the custom logic to complete. For instance, a Pre-Capture configured to run asynchronously executes in parallel with the Capture stage. However, a Post-Capture stage's execution is triggered only after the Capture stage is executed, but can be made to run in parallel with the next scheduled stage such as pre-test.

To associate a tag to a vRealize Orchestrator workflow, the global custom tag name of workflow and value can either be manually edited to include vRSLCM_CUSTOM or the ‘/Library/Tagging/Tag’ workflow can also be used for the tagging. Migration of pre and post stubs are not supported.


Ensure that all the Orchestrator endpoints whose workflows are to be used in the pre or post stubs are added in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager and that the workflows which are to be used in the stubs are tagged with vRSLCM_CUSTOM keyword.


  1. On the Content Settings, click the Edit pencil icon.
    The Configure Pipeline Stub appears.
  2. The Name and Execute Pipeline condition appears by default.
  3. Select Run in background if the stub is to be executed in an asynchronous manner.
  4. Select the Orchestrator Endpoint from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select a Orchestrator Workflow and click Submit.
    Only workflows that are tagged as vRSLCM_CUSTOM is shown in this list.
  6. Select the Input Param Configuration and click Submit.