You can now perform the Day 2 operations within vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.

Day 2 Operations for all products (Non VMware Identity Manager )

Starting from vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.1, all products under environments consists of the following:
  • Re-Trust With Identity Manager - Whenever VMware Identity Manager certificate changes there is a need for all products/services currently integrated with VMware Identity Manager to retrust the VMware Identity Manager certificate. Even though starting from vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.1, when replacing or changing VMware Identity Manager certificate all products integrated with VMware Identity Manager that are linked in Product References are opted-in for an automatic retrust. This button can be used anytime when you want to retrust VMware Identity Manager certificate on the product explicitly.
    Note: This option is only applicable if a product is integrated with global environment VMware Identity Manager and shows up in the Product References table under global environment VMware Identity Manager.
  • Re-Register With Identity Manager - When products integrate with VMware Identity Manager, it gets registered against a VMware Identity Manager endpoint which in general is with the FQDN of VMware Identity Manager. Whenever VMware Identity Manager FQDN changes, there is a need for products or services currently integrated with VMware Identity Manager to re-register with the new VMware Identity Manager FQDN.
  • Enable FIPS Compliance Mode – Starting with vRealize Lifecycle Manager 8.3, FIPS Compliance Mode is available for vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Operations Manager. You can enable or disable the FIPS mode during product deployment. Alternatively, you can select the Enable FIPS Compliance option for the product level operation from the Manage Environments page.
    Note: If you enable the FIPS mode for a vRealize Suite product, you cannot revert and run it on a non-FIPS mode.

Day 2 Operations for vRealize Automation Clustered Deployment

If the vRealize Automation load-balancer is configured such that SSL is terminated at the load-balancer, then for any change of certificate in the load balancer must be retrusted in vRealize Automation. Starting from vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.1, a clustered deployment of vRealize Automation 8.x, you can click Re-trust Load Balancer which retrusts the load balancer certificate in vRealize Automation.

Note: This operation primarily checks vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager inventory of the clustered vRealize Automation 8.x before performing the retrust. From vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.1 onwards, the inventory data for clustered vRealize Automation 8.x will have a parameter - vra-va- SSL terminated at load-balancer under the Cluster VIP section of product properties. The parameter decides whether the SSL is terminated at the vRealize Automation load balancer or not. For all green text box vRealize Automation 8.x deployments, this option is provided as an input to be filled by the user and for an existing brown field deployment, the value for the parameter is automatically computed.
Note: Starting with vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.2, start up and shutdown operations are also available for vRealize Automation, which helps to gracefully start and shut down the vRealize Automation services.