Starting with vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.3, the Content Pipelines page is redesigned to display the status of the content capture, test, and release of the content pipelines. You can view all the content pipelines that are displayed in the completed, in progress, or failed state.

Note: If you are unable to view the complete list of your pipelines, refresh the Content Pipelines page as the queued request takes time to display the current data.
When you select a content pipeline from the Content Pipelines list, you can view the detailed breakdown of the various stages of the selected execution. Each content pipeline displays the following list:
Content Pipeline Options Description
Status Message Displays the status summary of the selected content pipeline.
Executed by Displays the user details when performing the execution.
Last Update Displays the date of the selected content pipeline.
Comments Displays additional comments entered by the user.
Content Types Displays the content type selected for the pipeline execution.
  • Capture
  • Test
  • Deploy
You can select the capture, test, or the deploy options for a content pipeline. Based on your selection, you can see the detailed breakdown of the selected execution, such as the All Stages View, the content_pipeline Stage View, and the content_pipeline Stage Request.