A content endpoint is an infrastructure endpoint in the software-defined data center (SDDC), such as an instance of vRealize Automation, that is targeted for the capture, test, and release of managed content.

You add a content endpoint to an environment to capture, test, deploy or check-in software-defined content in the form of a content package. A content package is a file that contains definitions for software-defined services, such as blueprints, templates, workflows, and so on. Each content endpoint can support more than one type of content package. For example, a vRealize Automation content endpoint can support both composite blueprints and software.

You use content endpoints to perform the following actions:
  • Capture one or more content packages.
  • Test one or more content packages in a staging environment.
  • Release one or more tested content packages to a production environment.
Content Lifecycle Management provides the following policies for vRealize Orchestrator, vRealize Automation, vRealize Automation Cloud, vCenter Server, and vRealize Operations content endpoints.
Table 1. Policies for vRealize Suite Products
Policy Description
Allow content to be captured from this endpoint Allows you to capture content from this endpoint.
Allow unit tests to be run on this endpoint Allows you to release content for the endpoint and run test workflows against the endpoint. A vRealize Orchestrator marked as test endpoint also acts as unit test server.
Allow releasing content packages to this endpoint Allows you to release content for the endpoint.
Source controlled content only Allows you to release only source controlled content to the endpoint.
Enable code review This policy applies only to the source control endpoints. Allows a manual review for the developers. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager content lifecycle management creates a branch with changes that require a code review. A code reviewer accepts or rejects the merge request into the branch of the respective source control.
Enable vCenter template support Requests you for information required for deploying templates. This option is available only when you mark a vCenter server as production endpoint.