In the Tenant Merge operation, the directories and tenants are already created on the target vRealize Automation 8 environment.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager creates the vRealize Automation 7.x endpoints to the existing tenants on vRealize Automation 8 environment. You can migrate the business groups, infrastructure, and other specific tenants on vRealize Automation.


  • vRealize Automation 8.1 did not require you to accept a source certificate during migration assessment. To merge or manage the tenant using vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, you can delete the manually added source environment from vRealize Automation.
  • Ensure that the VMware Identity Manager specific data is migrated to the target data in the Global Environment.


  1. On the My Services dashboard of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, click Identity and Tenant Management.
  2. Select Tenant Management, and then click Tenant Migrations.
  3. Read the information on VMware Identity Manager Tenant Migration and vRealize Automation Tenant Mapping, and then click Continue.
  4. On the Environment Selection tab, select the Source Environment and Target Environment.

    Based on your source and the target environment selection, you can view a tabular representation of the available tenants on the source vRealize Automation. You can also view the status of the migrated or merged tenants on vRealize Automation 8 environment.

  5. Click Next and on the Tenant Migration Workflow page, you can view the workflow of Tenant Migration and Tenant Merge.
  6. On the Merge Details tab, you can select one or multiple tenant mappings for vRealize Automation 7.x and merge it with the same or different destination tenants for vRealize Automation 8.x.

    If you cannot view the target tenant, perform an inventory sync, or perform a product association for the tenant.

  7. Click Next and you can view the summary of your selections on the Summary Step tab.
  8. Click SUBMIT if your validations are successful.
    Note: If the validations are not successful and you want to make changes, and then resume the tenant merge operation, click SAVE AND EXIT. The same wizard can be opened anytime to rerun the precheck to proceed.