Accept the VMware end-user license agreement and enter the license key.


  1. Read the end-user license agreement, select I agree to the terms and conditions, and click Next.
  2. Under the license section,
    1. To select the license keys from the locker, click Select to open the list of licenses which are applicable to the selected products and versions. If not, select all the keys available from the listing.
    2. Click Add, to add a new license key to the locker from within the installation flow.
    3. Click Validate to validate the license. If multiple license keys are available for a product then this action will suggest to choose one per product selected for the deployment.
    You can now view the applicable license keys in the table. The next step will not be enabled until all the products deployed are having appropriate license selected for them.
    Note: Valid standalone product licenses or vRealize Suite licenses or a combination of both is allowed for product deployment in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. License validation does not check the functionality allowed by the licenses themselves. Therefore, select the license key considering the combination of products being deployed and their inter connectivity.