You can trigger a pre-validation check from the product UI before upgrading vRealize Business for Cloud within an environment.


  1. Right click the vertical ellipses of an existing vRealize Business for Cloud product and select an Upgrade.
    The compatibility matrix information is loaded with new, compatible, and incompatible versions with product that must be upgraded.
  2. Under the Product details section, you can select the following repository type.
    Option Description
    Repository URL When you select this option, you can manually add the local upgrade file location in Lifecycle virtual appliance.
    vRealize Suite Lifecycle Repository When you select this option, you can enter the upgrade path available after mapping the binaries through Lifecycle Manager.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Click RUN PRECHECK to run the file format and Version support from LCM.
    Once the precheck validation is completed, you can then download the report to view the checks and validation status.
    Note: If you want to run the Precheck again after evaluating the discrepancies, you can select the Re-Run Pre Check. Pre-Check can also be performed using on Submit toggle button.