You can enable the health check option to check the health of an existing environment. You can use this option on a scenario when you want to evaluate vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager environment with vRealize Operations Management Suite is installed along with SDDC MP. This health check is only available on the vRealize Operations Manager instance with a SDDC Management pack to monitor the health of the entire system.

This option first checks whether there is an environment to run at first place. Once the health checks run, it checks if there is a SDDC management health solution available and then verifies the last status of the health solution. A health check runs periodically at a scheduled interval. When you want to avoid resource usage in development environments or production environments, you might want to disable a health check.

Once the health check is disabled, the environment health is not evaluated anymore. A message is displayed on the environment card, suggesting the user to enable health check to monitory the health of environment. When a health check has run, you can see the current status of the environment. If the status is ok and the data is fetched, then you can view a message on the card as Health OK.