You can use vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to search for and download content from Marketplace.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.1 supports vRealize Automation 7.6, OVA installation. Each OVA are in GBs in Marketplace. If you want to download more OVAs from Marketplace then increase the data folder size to avoid the Disk Full alert. OVAs in Marketplace have large file size. If multiple OVAs are downloaded and to avoid disk storage alert, extend the storage from the system settings page.


Verify that you have performed an initial Marketplace sync to load Marketplace content. See Getting Started with Marketplace.


  1. Click VMware Marketplace and click the All tab.
    vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager displays all content available for vRealize Suite in Marketplace.
  2. (Optional) To filter the list of available content by search terms, enter search terms into the Search text box.
  3. (Optional) To filter the list of available content by product, publisher, or technology, click Filter and select the appropriate filters.
  4. Click View Details for to learn more about the downloadable content, including what products and version the content is compatible with, user ratings for the content, and a list of related content.
  5. Click Download to download the content to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.


Downloaded content appears on the Download tab of the Marketplace page.

What to do next

Install the content you downloaded. See Install Downloaded Marketplace Content.