vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager includes dashboard which acts as a single pane of glass comprising of all the functionality as applications.

The dashboard consists of the applications:
Lifecycle Operations
Use this application on the dashboard to access the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to manage the Day 0 to Day N operations of the vRealize Suite Products, including vRealize Network Insight.
Use this application to manage certificates, and licenses. You can create and import certificate including CSR. You can also validate the certificates before applying or replacing the certificates.
Identity and Tenant Management
You can manage active directories and tenants, and assign roles to users or groups.
Use the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to add and manage content from Marketplace.
Content Management
You can use this application to access the Content lifecycle in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to manage software-defined data center (SDDC) content, including capturing, testing, and release to various environments, and source control capabilities through GitLab or bit bucket integration. With Lifecycle Manager 8.0, you can capture multiple contents from a source control and check in those contents to another source-control or even a different branch.