vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.1 has introduced Proxy for Source Control Management endpoints. The feature allows SCM endpoints to channel all REST calls through a proxy server which can be configured on the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager setting page and map the same to the content management. Proxy can be enabled for an SCM server, which automatically enables the proxy for all endpoints using that SCM server.

The Proxy Mapping tab displays the proxy status, and configuration details such as proxy server hostname and port.
Note: You can use the proxy settings for the source control endpoints only.
You can enable the proxy for an SCM instance by selecting it from the list of servers and clicking Update. Once the proxy is enabled for any of the SCM servers the administrator cannot remove the proxy from the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager setting page. To remove the proxy, disable the proxy mapping for all SCM servers and then proceed with the removal of proxy from the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager setting page. You can disable proxy mapping for an SCM server by selecting it again and clicking Update. The administrator can confirm that the proxy is not used by any of the servers from the status of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Proxy used by Content Management.

If you notice that the proxy is not enabled, then navigate to Locker > Proxy, and select the Configure Proxy check box. For more information, see Configure Your Proxy Settings. Only a Release Manager and the administrator has the privileges to access the Proxy mapping in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.