Starting with vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.2, you can view the authentication provider details under the Settings tab.

The Authentication Provider Information section displays the type of the existing authentication provider, the authentication provider endpoint, the registered FQDN of the application, client ID, and the name of the catalog application.

The Authentication Provider Action section offers syncing and re-registering capabilities. When you change or update the host name or FQDN of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, the authentication provider must sync with the host name. The Sync button ensures that the current host name or FQDN of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager is synced with VMware Identity Manager. After syncing, you can verify the target URL and the redirect URI in the Catalog tab of VMware Identity Manager.

The RE-REGISTER button allows re-registering of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager with VMware Identity Manager by creating new OAuth clients and catalog applications. The re-registering occurs when VMware Identity Manager is present in globalenvironment of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.

When upgrading vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.1 and earlier releases, the catalog application ID for updating the existing catalog application is not saved, so a duplicate catalog application is created. The new hostname and catalog application ID is saved in the inventory which is used for the subsequent operations.