Starting from vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.1, product details has a new vertical tab named Product References listing all inter-product integrations. For example: If product A is integrated with product B or the other way, the View Details page of both product A and B has an entry in Product References table, pointing reference to each other.

For vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, the table only shows VMware Identity Manager Authentication Provider references. If a product, for example vRealize Automation is integrated with global environment VMware Identity Manager and is using it as an authentication provider, then both vRealize Automation and the global environment VMware Identity Manager will have a reference linking each other in their View Details > Product References table.

The Product Reference entries are created when you create an environment and during an Inventory Sync. If the expected product does not show up in the VMware Identity Manager global environment Product Reference table, then validate if the Inventory Sync for the related product is selected and is completed successfully.

In-case of global environment VMware Identity Manager, the Product References are used while performing following day-2 operations:
  • Certificate update or replace operation. A change in VMware Identity Manager certificate requires re-trust of VMware Identity Manager certificate on all products or services currently integrated with it. While updating certificate, you are provided with an option to select all currently referenced products to opt-in for re-trust.
  • Enabling tenancy. Once tenancy is enabled, VMware Identity Manager can be accessed only through tenant FQDNs. All the existing products or services currently integrated with VMware Identity Manager must go for a re-register of VMware Identity Manager against its primary tenant alias FQDN. While enabling tenancy, you are provided an option to choose all the currently referenced products to opt-in for re-register.

With Manage Environments feature in the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager UI, a complete inventory about each product is listed.

The Product References once found are later used in day-2 operations to ensure a life-cycle operation performed on one product does not break the current integration with other product that is linked and referenced.