Starting with vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.4.1, two new options are available for the vRealize Cloud licenses that are displayed as vRealizeFlex license type in the Licenses table. When you right-click the vertical ellipsis, you can view the Usage Report and the Update Usage Key options.

The Usage Report enables you to download and view your license reports.
  • Download Report: The General option enables you to download reports for viewing ,analyzing, storing, documentation, or auditing purposes.

    The vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager Billing option enables you to download a encrypted usage data zipped file, that you upload in vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager, and this generates a usage key. You can use this usage key in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to update the vRealize Subscription Manager usage key option. Once your usage key is updated, you can generate the license usage report for a specified period.

  • View Usage: This tab displays a chart of the usage details for a particular license.