You can import an instance of vRealize Business for Cloud into vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.


Verify that you have the required IP credentials.


  1. After creating an environment on the Create Environment, on the products card, select vRealize Business for Cloud check box.
  2. Select Import and click Next.
  3. Enter the vRealize Business for Cloud FQDN and select Root Password from the existing locker entries. If the password does not exist in the locker, then you can create entries in the locker. Click Add Password from the top-right corner of the window.
  4. Select the valid authentication type for the vRealize Business for Cloud instance.
    1. If an authentication type is Standalone, then proceed to select a valid vCenter Server.
    2. If an authentication type is VMware Identity Manager, then provide the identity manager FQDN, admin User Name and select the admin User Password.
    3. If an authentication type is vRealize Automation, then provide relevant details for the vRA Cafe FQDN, vRA Cafe SSO Admin User name, and select vRA Cafe SSO Password from the list of the pre-populated passwords.
  5. Select a valid vCenter Server from the list. If the vRealize Business for Cloud instance has collector nodes spread across multiple vCenters, then all those vCenters should be selected, else the import operation fails.
  6. Click Next and read the summary.
  7. Click Submit to import.