Starting with vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.2, you can edit or delete a data source in your environment.


Verify that you have created a vRealize Network Insight data source in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.


  1. In the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.2 dashboard, click Manage Environments.
  2. In the Environments page, select the vRealize Network Insight product card, and then click View Details.
  3. Click EDIT DATA SOURCE or DELETE DATA SOURCE, as applicable.
    1. If you click DELETE DATA SOURCE, the selected data source is deleted.
      Note: If a data source is referenced in any other data source of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, you cannot delete the referenced data source.
    2. If you click EDIT DATA SOURCE, you can edit the Collector (Proxy) VM, data source username, data source password, and the data source nickname.
      Note: By default, the data source IP address/FQDN is disabled.
  4. Click SUBMIT.