You can import data sources in bulk into vRealize Network Insight through vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. This feature is helpful when the same SNMP or other configurations have to be used for multiple switches. The common configurations along with other variable parameters such as IP address need to be imported in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager and provisioned into vRealize Network Insight. With vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.2, you can import data sources along with an import of a vRealize Network Insight instance.


Verify that you have an existing vRealize Network Insight instance.


  1. From a vRealize Network Insight environment card, right click on the vertical ellipses and select Add Data Sources > Bulk.
  2. Select CSV or JSON format to import the data sources in a defined report format.
  3. Click SELECT File , and then select the JSON file, and click Next.
  4. Click Submit Request.
    To view the request status, view them on the Request page.
  5. To update the CSV file in the required format, click Download Template.