vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager supports VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS environment. VMC on AWS is an integrated private cloud offering developed by VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS). vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager supports M11 and M12 versions of VMC.

You can install vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager on a VMC environment using Easy Installer. For more information, refer to the Easy Installer documentation. Configure a virtual machine on the vCenter of a VMC software-defined data center (SDDC) to launch the Easy Installer. To create cloud SDDC using VMC on AWS and to connect SDDC to the data center of your product, refer to the Getting Started with VMware Cloud on AWS documentation. After you have successfully deployed vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager on VMC, you can also install other VMware vRealize Suite products, such as VMware Identity Manager and vRealize Automation on the VMC environment to perform the Day 2 operations.

On a VMC environment, you must add the SDDC vCenter as an endpoint only. Adding any vCenter external to the SDDC is not recommended. When you deploy a VMC vCenter, ensure that you have cloud administrator privileges. To learn more about cloud administrator privileges, refer to CloudAdmin Privileges documentation.