The vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager supports vRealize Network Insight. vRealize Network Insight consists of data sources and are recognized by the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager appliance.

You can record SNMP configurations, that are relevant to vRealize Network Insight. Click Add Configuration to add SNMP for both 2c and 3 SNMP type. The configured SNMP is then used while you are adding vRealize Network Insight data source for Routers and Switches.
Note: From vRealize Network Insight 4.0 and later, a new brick size is introduced in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, extra large for both platform and collector node. When you have three nodes in a clustered environment, the brick size should be extra large. All platform nodes in a clustered environment should be of same brick size either large or extra large. But you cannot have both large and extra large in the same cluster.

If a clustered environment is deployed with large brick size and if you want to add one more platform nodes, then you have to manually increase the CPU and the RAM size from vCenter server. You can then import the environment and scale out with an extra large brick size.