To create an environment, select one or more binaries for the products.

Ensure to map the correct library items for the respective products. If none are selected for a product then a default binary from vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager will be used to deploy that product.


  1. Click +SELECT CONTENT LIBRARY ITEMS to add a content library item.
  2. You can either search for a library item or open the content library tree to select one.
    Note: You can add multiple content library and associate suite products as per your requirement.
  3. Click Select.
  4. Select a Product corresponding to the selected content library item.
    Note: vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager validates the OVF package in the specified content library item corresponding to the selected product.
  5. Click Next.
    Note: Content Library item for a particular node, if it needs to be deployed into a different vCenter server, it can be selected in Advanced Settings.


After submitting your binaries maps, click next to configure your network settings.