You can configure an environment by establishing a network connection within an environment.


  • Static IP address set is required for any product deployment from vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. This is applicable for starting from vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 1.0 and above.
  • Verify that you have Domain Name mapped for the IP addresses used for deployed.


  1. Under the Network page, enter the Default Gateway address.
  2. Enter the Netmask IP address.
  3. Enter the Domain Name and Domain Search Path.
  4. The DNS Servers are automatically listed, if they aren't then click Add New Server or Edit Server Selection.
  5. Select the required Time sync mode:
    Option Description
    Use Time Server (NTP) When you select the NTP Server, you have to select the assigned time server from the NTP list. If an NTP server is not added, then to add one, click Global Settings. You are then directed to the Settings page to add an NTP server. For more information, see Configure NTP Servers.
    Use Host Time When you select the Host time, then the environment proceeds with the system time.
  6. After you have added NTP servers, you can click Select Servers to add an NTP at an Infrastructure level.
  7. Select the NTP servers from the list and you can reorder the NTP servers based on the precedence by clicking the arrows.
    When you select a vRealize Suite product, you can configure using these Time servers for the selected component.