You can enable FIPS Mode Compliance using Easy Installer during vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager installation or by selecting the option as a Day-2 operation in the Settings page. To know more about FIPS Mode Compliance using Easy Installer, see vRealize Automation documentation.


  1. From My Service dashboard, select Lifecycle Operations, and then select the Settings page.
  2. Under System Administration, click System Details.
  3. Enable or disable the FIPS Mode Compliance check box, as required. Click Update. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager restarts when you enable or disable FIPS Mode Compliance.
    Note: When you enable FIPS Mode Compliance, vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager does not upgrade to the next version. You must disable the FIPS Mode Compliance, and upgrade vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, and then re-enable FIPS Mode Compliance.