In the vRealize Cloud Universal page, you must activate your vRealize Cloud Universal subscription licenses. After you activate your licenses, you can perform the available license actions.


  1. To activate a subscription license, navigate to the vRealize Cloud dashboard, and then click Cloud Universal.
  2. Click Activate Subscription License.
  3. Select the check box to confirm that the vRealize Suite products are on the required patches to proceed.
  4. Select the plus (+) sign to add the license key details, and then click Validate. After the license key is validated, click ADD. Click Next.
    Note: The license key must be a vRealize Cloud Subscription. When you add a new license, you can view the license key under Locker in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.
  5. Select the Product Type and the Version.
  6. Enter the FQDN/IP Address.
  7. Based on the selected product, you can select the Admin Password or Root Password.
  8. Select the check box to remove all the perpetual licenses from the selected product, if required.
  9. Click Validate & Add. When the validation is complete, click Next.
  10. In the Cloud Connection Details page, you have two options.
    • Automatically send subscription license consumption from your on-premises to VMware Cloud: This check box allows you to send subscriptions to vRealize Suite Subscription Manager. If you select this check box, enter the API Token details.
    • Use vRCU subscription licenses with perpetual licenses: If you select this check box, enter your Associated MyVMware Account details.
    • If you select both the check boxes, you must enter the Network Proxy details.
  11. Click Next.
  12. You can validate the details in the Summary page, and then click Finish.

What to do next

You can track the request details under the Requests tab.