You can delete a product instance from a Lifecycle Manager environment.

You can delete a product deployment from a vCenter Server. The Lifecycle Manager can delete Product Integration in a given environment for the selected product, if it is done within Lifecycle Manager while deploying products.

In case of an environment where products are imported, Lifecycle Manager does not gather information about an existing product integration within products. Therefore, you can manually remove the product integration while deleting products.


Verify that there is a product existing in an environment.


  1. From the Environment home page, select any product instance and right-click on the vertical ellipses.
  2. Click Delete Product.
    Note: When there are products that are internally integrated within a product, then verify the integrations before deleting the product. However, Lifecycle Manager cannot remove the external integrations in the products.
  3. To delete all associated VMs from vCenter Server for the selected product, select the Delete associated VMs check box.
  4. If you want to delete windows machines, then select Delete associated Windows Machines check box and click Delete.
    Before you delete associated VMs from the vCenter Server on the Delete Product window, review the list of VMs and then click Confirm Delete.


The selected suite product and its associated VMs from an environment are deleted.