Content is a collection of files that contains definitions that represent software defined services.

After you add a content endpoint to one or more environments, you can manage the software-defined content that each environment contains. You can use vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to perform the following operations on content:
  • Capture content from an endpoint
  • Deploy to test and run unit tests
  • Check-in content
  • Release content to production

For example, a YAML file for a vRealize Automation blueprint or an XML file for a vRealize Orchestrator workflow. Content is linked together so that when you capture a vRealize Automation blueprint, all dependencies are also displayed in the content catalog, and they can each have their own versions. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager displays dependency information within each content version. The / Characters cannot be used in the name for Topology or Text ResourceKind Metrics as the export fails.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager does not support an Azure machine in content management for testing and releasing content. XaaS blueprint "Azure Machine" is shipped by default with vRealize Automation. However, transfer of XaaS blueprint between vRealize Automation environments is not supported.