Configure environment settings, such as name, password, and data center for a new Cloud Proxy environment.


  1. Log in to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager as an administrator and click vRealize Cloud.
  2. Click Create / Deploy Cloud Proxy.
  3. In the Environment Name, enter a descriptive name for the new Cloud Proxy environment.
    This name must be unique.
  4. Enter the Environment Description, which can be a maximum of 1024 characters.
  5. Enter a Default Admin Password and confirm the password.
    The default password must be a minimum of eight characters.
  6. From Data Center, select an existing data center for this environment, or click + to add a data center.
  7. Enable or disable the JSON Configuration toggle bar, as required. When you enable the JSON configuration, you can paste the JSON file text manually or you can import the file from your local system.
  8. Select Join the VMware Customer Experience Program to join CEIP for this environment.
    This product participates in the VMware Customer Experience Program (CEIP). Details regarding the data collected through CEIP and the purposes for which it is used by VMware are set forth at the Trust & Assurance Center at