VMware vRealize True Visibility Suite Management Pack for F5 BIG-IP | 23 DEC 2021

Check for additions and updates to these release notes.

What's New | December 23, 2021

  • Removal of unused log4j.jar file from the pack, to lower the risk of loading the file. Please refer to the KB article for details.

What's New | November 11, 2021

Old licenses are not supported; the new VMware license is required to use this pack.

  • CPU license alert fix
  • Maintenance mode object being counted in OSI license count
  • Rewrite data provider from JRuby to Kotlin
  • Device resources are named with FQDN instead of short name
  • Metric device / platformId type label has changed from "Platform" to "Platform ID"
  • Add metric deviceGroup / description
  • Add unit to gtm_pool / qosKilobytesSecond
  • Simplify test results returned by test connection
  • Add connection info parameters connection_timeout and max_concurrent_requests
  • Add ssl_config connection info parameter that defaults to No Verify. No Verify was the hard-coded behavior of the old JRuby data provider
  • Connection info parameter port now defaults to 8443 when ssl_config is set to No SSL or is empty
  • big_ip_system metrics memoryUsed and memoryTotal now correctly use floats instead of being truncated to the nearest integer
  • Additional module resources are now being collected

What's New | October 6, 2020

  • Initial General Availability release for VMware vRealize® True Visibility™

Known Issues

For this release of the Management Pack for F5 BIG-IP, the following Known Issues/Limitations exist:

  • Old licenses are not supported; the new VMware license is required to use this pack
  • Monitoring is limited to BIG-IP Devices, Local Traffic Manager (LTM), and select Global Traffic Manager (GTM) resources.
  • New users of the Management Pack may encounter issues with the F5 BIG-IP Health Investigation dashboard populating upon initial install. This is a pre-existing issue that occurs when the VM tag initially creates relationships to VMs. If you encounter this issue, we recommend waiting for the tag to populate, then re-starting your vROps system or re-installing the dashboard.

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