The Management Pack for Apache Hadoop creates Resource Kinds and Relationships (associations) for critical resources in your Apache Hadoop environment.

Resource Kinds

Performance, health, and availability data are collected for the following Apache Hadoop resource kinds:

  1. Apache Hadoop Cluster
  2. Apache Hadoop DataNode
  3. Apache Hadoop NameNode
  4. Apache Hadoop NodeManager
  5. Apache Hadoop ResourceManager


Relationships among discovered resources are also created by the Management Pack. The hierarchical structure of those relationships is depicted in the diagram below.

Apache Hadoop Relationships Diagram


External Relationships

The Management Pack for Apache Hadoop includes external relationships for True Visibility Suite customers who are also using vROps Management Packs for Nutanix or KVM as well as external relationships to the VMware virtual layer.

The following external relationships can be discovered:

  • VMware/Nutanix/KVM Virtual Machine > NameNode
  • VMware/Nutanix/KVM Virtual Machine > DataNode
  • VMware/Nutanix/KVM Virtual Machine > ResourceManager
  • VMware/Nutanix/KVM Virtual Machine > NodeManager