Once you have finished Installing the Management Pack (Cisco HyperFlex) and Configuring the Management Pack (Cisco HyperFlex), check the Collection State and Collection Status for the adapter instance on the Solutions page. If they show as Not Collecting or No Data Receiving, respectively, the following troubleshooting topics can help you diagnose and correct common problems with your adapter instance.

  • Test Connection Errors
  • Adapter and Collector Log Files

Test Connection Errors

When Creating an Adapter Instance (Cisco HyperFlex), click Test Connection after entering all of your configuration settings to ensure vROps can connect to the specified host.

The following errors are possible:

Incorrect Host

Error: “Unable to establish a valid connection to the target system. Incorrect host.”

Action: Ensure the hostname or IP address specified for your endpoint when Creating an Adapter Instance (Cisco HyperFlex) is correct.

Unauthorized Login

Error: “Unable to establish a valid connection to the target system. Unauthorized Login.”

Action: Ensure your Cisco HyperFlex username and password specified when Creating a Credential (Cisco HyperFlex) are correct.

For more information about viewing log files and modifying levels, refer to the vROps online help.