The Management Pack for Cisco HyperFlex contains five out-of-the-box reports that you can export and easily share with key stakeholders in either .pdf or .csv formats.

The following reports are available in the Management Pack:

Report Description
Cisco HyperFlex Cluster Details Report Displays health & availability of all Cisco HyperFlex resources
Cisco HyperFlex Cluster Disk Report Displays disk global metrics for the cluster, e.g. available space, compression savings, etc.
Cisco HyperFlex Cluster Properties Displays Cisco HyperFlex cluster properties, e.g. api version, model number, etc.
Cisco HyperFlex Disk Report Displays Cisco HyperFlex disk level information, e.g. free disk capacity, total space, used disk capacity, etc.
Cisco HyperFlex Node Disk Report Displays Cisco HyperFlex node level information for disks, e.g. compression savings, reclaimed space, etc.
Cisco HyperFlex Node Properties Displays Cisco HyperFlex node properties, e.g. model number, serial number, etc.

Accessing Reports