The Management Pack for Cisco Networking creates Resource Kinds and Relationships (associations) for critical resources in your Cisco Networking environment.

Resource Kinds

Performance, health, and availability data are collected for the following Cisco Networking resource kinds:

  • Switch
  • VSAN (MDS only)
  • Port
  • L3 Interface (Nexus/Catalyst only)
  • HSRP Group (Nexus/Catalyst only)
  • HSRP Group Member (Nexus/Catalyst only)


Relationships among discovered resources are also created by the Management Pack. The hierarchical structure of those relationships are depicted in the diagrams below.

Cisco Networking Relationships Diagrams

Nexus/Catalyst MDS

Cisco Nexus Catalyst Relationships

Cisco MDS Relationships

External Relationships

The Management Pack for Cisco Networking includes the following external relationships. Note that VMware vRealize® True Visibility™ customers who are also using the Management Packs for Cisco UCS or HPE Servers can discover external relationships to the server's Fabric Interconnect.

Ports Enabled Ports Disable
ESXi Host > Port ESXi Host > Switch
Cisco UCS/HPE Servers Fabric Interconnect > Port Cisco UCS/ HPE Servers Fabric Interconnect > Switch
Virtual Machine > Port Virtual Machine > Switch
Datastore > Port (MDS only) Datastore > Switch (MDS only)
Fiber Channel Port > Port (MDS only) Fiber Channel Port > Switch (MDS only)