When upgrading to a newer version of the Management Pack, we recommend the following tasks:

  • Delete Existing UCS Dashboards
  • Delete Existing UCS Objects

Delete Existing UCS Dashboards

Dashboards were renamed in the latest release of the Management Pack. If you do not delete dashboards from a previous version of the Management Pack before upgrading, both the old and new dashboards will appear in the Dashboard List drop-down menu after installation.

Note: If you have customized any dashboards from a previous release, you may choose to clone and re-name them, instead of deleting and replacing, to retain your customizations.

To delete existing dashboards:

  1. Navigate to Content > Dashboards.
  2. Multi-select the existing UCS dashboards.

  3. Click Delete Dashboard delete-icon.
  4. Click Yes when the confirmation dialog box appears to delete the dashboards.


Delete Existing UCS Objects

You must also delete existing objects as part of the upgrade process.

To delete existing objects:

  1. Click the Administration administration_icon icon, then select Inventory Explorer inventory-explorer-icon.
  2. Expand Object Types to view the full list of Cisco UCS objects.
  3. Select object(s) from the list, then click the Delete delete-icon icon.
  4. Click Yes when the confirmation dialog appears to delete the objects.


What to do next

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