When upgrading to the latest version of the Management Pack, please note the following:

  • We recommend saving any customizations you have made to your existing Citrix ADCdashboards, as these changes will be overwritten when installing the new .pak file.

    Note: Because no dashboards were deprecated, added, or changed names in this release, deleting existing dashboards is not required.
  • When installing the new .pak file (see: Installing the Management Pack (Citrix ADC)), ensure the first checkbox in the Add Solution window is selected. Because of the new version numbering scheme for the latest release, the installation may fail if this box is not checked.

  • Some configuration settings have changed in the latest release of the Management Pack. After installing the new version, ensure you specify the new SSL Configuration Advanced Setting, which replaces the Protocol and Validate Certificate Against Truststoresettings, in order to continue collection. See: Creating an Adapter Instance (Citrix ADC).

    Note: This is especially important for upgrading users who previously specified HTTP for the Protocol setting. Upon upgrade, the new SSL Configuration value is set to NULL by default, and the adapter configuration MUST be modified for it to continue to collect.

What to do next

Installing the Management Pack (Citrix ADC)