The VMware vRealize® True Visibility™ Management Pack for F5 BIG-IP is an embedded adapter for vRealize Operations (vROps), collecting performance and capacity data from your F5 BIG-IP environment and providing predictive analytics and real-time information about problems in your infrastructure—all within the vRealize Operations user interface.

Notable Features

The Management Pack for F5 BIG-IP includes the following key features:

  • Aggregated monitoring of BIG-IP to provide one-stop viewing of health and performance from dashboards, views, and alerts across the entire F5 BIG-IP environment
  • Managed relationships to the VMware, Nutanix, and/or KVM virtual layers, which provide visibility into load-balanced applications and host health and performance, allowing for faster identification of root cause issues
  • Visibility into F5 iApps® application service monitoring to provide calculated client and server side network performance
  • Smart alerting for cluster failover, certificate expiration, and BIG-IP LTM component health and other concerns
  • BIG-IP system planning through vRealize Operations Manager capacity definitions and projects around core metrics (CPU, Memory, Disk)

Release Notes

Version Release Date Description
4.0.0 October 6, 2020 Initial release for VMware vRealize® True Visibility™

Known Issues / Limitations

For this release of the Management Pack for F5 BIG-IP, the following Known Issues/Limitations exist:

  • Monitoring is limited to BIG-IP Devices, Local Traffic Manager (LTM), and select Global Traffic Manager (GTM) resources.
  • New users of the Management Pack may encounter issues with the F5 BIG-IP Health Investigation dashboard populating upon initial install. This is a pre-existing issue that occurs when the VM tag initially creates relationships to VMs. If you encounter this issue, we recommend waiting for the tag to populate, then re-starting your vROps system or re-installing the dashboard.