Before installing and configuring the Management Pack, ensure your system meets the following requirements:

vRealize Operations Requirements F5 BIG-IP Requirements
Version(s) vRealize Operations 7.x or 8.x  (Advanced & Enterprise editions)

F5 BIG-IP 11.6.0+

Connection vROps hostname or IP address

F5 BIG-IP hostname (i.e., Management IP or DNS name of F5 BIG-IP System)

Port (the default port is 443)

Credentials N/A

F5 BIG-IP username/password with a minimum of Auditor user role with iControl REST API access.

  • To create a user with permissions to read REST, you must first create an Auditor user, then give the user REST permissions as described in the “About iControl and RBAC for user accounts”section of the iControl® REST User Guide. Please note that an F5 Administrator user role is required to collect certain metrics. See: Metrics (F5 BIG-IP).
  • To use LDAP authentication, see our Support team's knowledge article on Using LDAP to Authenticate with F5 BIG-IP Management Pack for vROps.