Once you have finished Installing the Management Pack (HPE OneView) and Configuring the Management Pack (HPE OneView), check the Collection State and Collection Status for the adapter instance on the Solutions page. If they show as Not Collecting or No Data Receiving, respectively, the following troubleshooting topics can help you diagnose and correct common problems with your adapter instance.

Common Error Messages

  • Invalid credentials: Invalid username or password. Enter correct credentials and try again. To obtain a username or password, contact your administrator.
  • Invalid domain (in credential): Unable to authenticate. Resource not found, ID/URI = [domain]. Verify that a valid enterprise directory is configured in the appliance.
  • Invalid host: Resource "https://[host]:[port]/rest/login-sessions" was not found. Check that the Host and API version are correct. POST https://[host]:[port]/rest/login-sessions responded with unexpected status code 404 from HTTP response; expected 200
  • Invalid port: POST https://[host]:[port]/rest/login-sessions failed: No route to Host: [host/ip:port] with root cause No route to Host
  • Unreachable host: Connection timed out. Check that Host is reachable.

For more information about viewing log files and modifying levels, refer to the vROps online help.